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Before renovation
Front of the house. One day I hope for a big renovation. Some of the trees have been taken down. ©missykuester.com

Restoration Update #1: From the Inside

We still haven’t named our farm/ranch so for now it’s just Our Place.  What is the difference between a farm and ranch? https://www.land.com/buying/difference-between-farm-and-ranch/  According to this article our 7.5 acres with no current animals or crops is a farm. Don’t tell Delilah, the dog as she considers herself a ranch dog. So, we’ll keep stewing on that name for our farm.

Our house was originally built in 1908 in Logan, Utah but at some point, it was moved to its current location. If I had to guess, it is a kit home. http://www.searsarchives.com/homes/1908-1914.htm

So here is our first Renovation Update: From the Inside.

Don’t judge a house by its crappy vinyl siding

In the Cache Valley, it’s hard to find a house with land. This was a unique piece of property but it ain’t pretty. We have grand plans down the road. When we move in permanently in July 2021, we will hire an architect or engineer to tell us if the house is worth remodeling or if we should start over. For now it’s liveable.

People asked for pictures of the inside. Here are some. Excuse my photo gallery, it’s not perfect either.


Thanks for following along. I hope you’re in for the long haul.






  1. Brenda Will says:

    Missy , I love watching all those renovations shows on TV….this place looks wonderful…the hardwood floors in particular are GREAT!!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with it. We always bought old places and fixed them up. It’s a lot of work but so fulfilling when you see the finished product. You are so blessed to have all that man power going on….we had girls…they worked with us but they were quite young during those days of adventure. God Bless You and your NEW HOME!!!

  2. Pat Miles says:

    As I was praying tonight your family came up, and I had a vision of your new place. There was an arch at the entrance that said “RANCH”. I believe triple K represents your 3 amazing sons❤️ Just a thought!!
    Miss you and love you.

  3. Kristy Grove says:

    It’s going to be beautiful when it’s completed. I’m excited to see the end results. Making family memories as you go along.

  4. Monte Moffett says:

    You are going to have a blast making this your home. Good news will flow from this house and all the good deeds you and your family will do. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see all the updates!

  5. Susanna Resler says:

    I’ve loved following your daily journey in your new home! I think you need to be appearing on national TV! What a great experience for your boys to be a part of all this… and they look like they actually enjoy doing all these projects!

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